The owners of this high end bar wanted to incorporate their beloved black lab into the logo for their new restaurant/pub establishment. After presenting several initial logo ideas with various renditions of the famous pup, we ended up with a classy design that personifies the unique atmosphere found there. The logo design was also carried over into a design for their unique food truck business as well.

Local home building supply store anniversary logo.

This logo design captures the personality of the woman behind the lens – a very happy and sophisticated business woman who loves her job!

A retro and colorful design was the look this local Texas business owner was going for.

Various logo designs from local businesses

A logo must be able to perform well within a complete stationery package.

A logo graphic often starts with determining the key elements and placing them in several design options. From this jumping off point, the client and I narrow down the composition choices and start working with color combinations.

Logo design for Nebraska brewery wanting to provide a more upscale feel to their branding

Whimsical logo designed to reflect the website owner’s love of New Orleans, South Carolina and craft beer.

Various Clients